My Promise to You

To continue my education of specialized exercise programs for the older adult.

I will teach, encourage and inspire those who have the desire. No matter what your age is or your health conditions are, your body can move to feel like a healthier you with corrective exercising.

$120/mo for unlimited classes/session!

Call us today to get started: (209) 499-3125

“It’s fun to exercise with others in a non-competitive environment where Kelly modifies the exercises for each individual.”

My Story

My love of fitness and how our awesome body operates to function even when we are at our very weakest. To teach and encourage others that their body is not meant to suffer and stay in pain. To inspire those in need to move again, take the fear away and add life back to the their amazing body, feeling freedom to move without grunts and groans.

My past experience of 15 years in Pulmonary Rehab, exercising people with Lung disease while at the same time I have run my business as a Personal Trainer. Being a witness and working one on one with the very weak and challenged illnesses I have not a doubt that Exercise is the best medicine.

My Life Today

As of today, I am business owner of STUDIOFIT 50+ and personal trainer. As I have had a membership of many Gyms over the past 30 years I see that things are changing fast and we are in great need for My Studio, STUDIOfit 50+.

We are way too young for the YOUNG at Heart programs and some of the other fitness studios could cause issues of trying to keep up with the Youthful members.

Personal Training Certificates

  • ISSA Certified Personal Training
  • Gray Institute Certification in Applied Functional Science
  • Certified Health Brain Trainer

FLS Certificates

  • Intro to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Exercise Prescription for Alzheimers’s Prevention & Intervention