My Promise to You

To continue my education of specialized exercise programs for the older adult.

I will teach, encourage and inspire those who have the desire. No matter what your age is or your health conditions are, your body can move to feel like a healthier you with corrective exercising.

$140/mo for unlimited classes/session!

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Ashley - Owner / trainer of Studio Fit 50+ in Modesto, Ca

“It’s fun to exercise with others in a non-competitive environment where Ashley modifies the exercises for each individual.”

Ashley - Owner / trainer of Studio Fit 50+ in Modesto, Ca

Meet Ashley

The aging specialist/trainer behind the Studio

I am beyond thankful that you have stumbled upon StudioFit 50+, a fitness studio that caters specifically to the 50+ population and is one of a kind in the 209 area! My promise to all my members is that I will continue my education of specialized/corrective exercise programming for the older adult so that I can provide a safe, interactive, playful environment for them to be able to thrive physically and cognitively with no age restrictions or medical limitations!

In 2018 I graduated CSU, Fresno with my B.S. in Exercise Science and in that same year become a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE because I was anxious to find my purpose and passion through helping people live better lives filled with quality movement and activities they love or loved doing! I have over 5+ years of experience training corrective exercises with older adults, from group classes to personal training in-home and in my studio. I love what I do because I am able to truly help my clients achieve their health goals and prove themselves wrong in the beautiful process of transformation!

My staff and I will take the time to modify exercises appropriately and encourage you to keep moving, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what existing health conditions you may have. You can feel like a healthier, stronger, and more mobile version of yourself with corrective exercises and consistency; followed by dedication to yourself! The body wants to heal itself if you allow it, and body movement/exercise is the best natural medicine out there.

My Life Today

As of today, my life journey has brought me to becoming the business owner of StudioFit 50+ and being a mother and a fiancé. Balancing both my studio and my home life has made me realize how important overall wellness truly is. I stand by my belief that fitness and wellness go hand in hand, and incorporating both has enriched my life tremendously. That is why my mission is to help others incorporate fitness in their lives, especially the 50+ community. 50+ often get ignored and overlooked when it comes to the fitness world, which is why I am so driven to serve my active aging community and make sure they don’t get left behind! StudioFit 50+ was created for seniors who need a welcoming environment to stay moving where they can be challenged and not feel like they must keep up with the youthful members at other fitness facilities. 

Education and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Aging Institute Certified Trainer

Ashley Stilwell - Studio Fit 50+