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Small Group Training  $125.00 a Month unlimited classes
Small Group Training for 3 Months $300.00
Personal Training (6 Weeks) 12 – 60 min sessions, $640.00
Personal Training (8 Weeks) 16 – 60 min sessions $690.00

Why a personal trainer may be right for you

If you are not feeling totally confident in how to move your body to get the best results or you may have fear of injuring yourself while trying to learn how to strength train and better your balance skills a Certified Personal Trainer would be your best investment.

A Personal Trainer will also guide you to be at your best in accountability, teach and motivate you to do more than what you ever thought you could accomplish in a realistic set goal time.

You will also need help to track your progress, it is all about the small changes in your overall strength, flexibility and balance that really make the compound effect of feeling healthier for a lifetime.

Kelly Frederick Personal Trainer teaches body awareness and has the tools to help you to PAIN-FREE MOVEMENT. With years of Personal Training experience she specializes in pre and post rehab. Kelly has worked in PULMONARY rehab for 14 years helping people increase their strength when they are at their weakest. She is your guide to FITNESS AND WELLNESS. She specializes in total Body Fitness and Weight Loss programs for individual needs so her clients receive FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.  Kelly also offers Certified Stroke Rehab to help recover mobility and physical movement loss suffered by stroke victims.

What to expect at your first session:

  • – Answer specific questions for goal setting and time management
  • – Health history form
  • – Body measurements / body fat / weigh-in
  • Fitness assessment / balance / flexibility / strenght & endurance

12 Sessions @ $560.00 – 6 weeks, 2 sessions per week + 1 hour PT

16 Sessions @ $672.00 – 8 weeks, 2 sessions per week + 1 hour PT

“The difference between your body this week & next week is what you do for the next 7 days to achieve your goal.”

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Small Group Training

A SAFE and FUN class with Personal Trainer, Kelly Frederick. You will experience an energetic, motivating, and creative group workout that will charge you UP for the day!! Start feeling your strength mentally and physically. Learn how to move again while building your CONFIDENCE…and lose the INCHES while having FUN!

$100/mo for unlimited small group training and other classes!

What you will need:

  • – Water
  • – Towel
  • – If your first time, you’ll need a free 30 minute assessment with a personal trainer prior

Class maximum is 12

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Pulmonary Power Classes

Kelly Frederick, Certified Personal Trainer

I am always working within my scope of practice making exercise FUN and ENCOURAGING!!

Keeping you MOTIVATED when feeling at your very weakest, I am a true believer that exercise is GREAT MEDICINE with side effects that are so awesome.

These are simple and safe at home exercises and stretches for the lung disease client to improve coordination, balance and retain efficiency for activities of daily living (ADLs).

Exercise training is vital to the management and rehabilitation of the client with pulmonary dysfunction. Proper training can increase physical conditioning, bring clients to increase their confidence, and decrease their fear of movement. With 18 years experience working as a Certified Personal Trainer and 15 years working in Pulmonary Rehab, I was part of a medical team developing and teaching exercise programs for patients with lung disease. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Specializing with Certificates of Completion  in:

  • Health Brain Train
  • FLS Respiratory Rescue
  • Introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Exercise Prescription for Alzheimer’s prevention and intervention
  • Generally specific to the individual who has been diagnosed with lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Sarcoidosis, and Cystic Fibrosis Pre and Post Transplant.

What you will need:

  • – Water
  • – Towel
  • – If your first time, you’ll need a free 30 minute assessment with a personal trainer prior

Class maximum is 12

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Brain HealthBrainBody Bootcamp

BRAINBODY BOOTCAMP class is about Prevention and slowing the Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease down with specific exercising. Keeping the exercises fun and meaningful while learning how to improve your coordination and Memory.

Exercise boost BRAIN POWER, helps to increase blood Circulation, improves coordination and helps prevent conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, which increase the risk of developing dementia. Exercise stimulates patterns of neural activity that create more connections between different brain areas and causes nerve cells to produce natural brain nutrients= “neurotropin”

Arthur Kramer, PhD; A researcher from the Univ. of Illinois; Used MRIs to show that exercise actually makes your hippocampus bigger. (Which help form memory)

The Power of your Mind and Movement to Max your Memory. Contact Kelly Frederick for more info regarding BrainBody Bootcamp Classes

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TRX + Foam Roller

Is your body Stuck in Stress and imbalances from repetitive movement and bad posture? IF YOU ARE AN AVID SWIMMER/RUNNER/BIKER or if you find yourself in repetitive daily movements this class is for you.
Is your body stuck in stress and imbalances? You may need to be RECONNECTED, RE-BALANCED, RE-HYDRATED, RELEASED.

You will feel improvement in these areas:

  • – Body sense
  • – Sense areas of imbalance
  • – Better breathing
  • -Overall body lengthening and releasing of stress

  • -Learn how to safe stretch on your own – at home, at the office, during travel or even while driving

40 minute classes

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Beginner/Intermediate Yoga With Dani

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm to 6:15pm.