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To reinvent the youthful you

My mission is to create a safe and fun environment that 50+ Age group can feel good about their body again in the second part of their life.

This is a place to reinvent the youthful you that you once had. Gain energy that will help you get rid of that heavy stiff achy old body.


Improve brain health through exercise

Brain Health

Rejuvenate with a new mindset

Research proves you will feel younger with a exercise regimen and many research studies have proven exercise helps BRAIN health as well:
  • Brain fog
  • Increased mental sharpness
  • Slowing the onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Ashley has been my trainer for the past three-years. Under her guidance I have been able to push myself to lose 23lbs and increase muscle definition. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. The best thing about Ashley is that she encourages you to continue to work hard, while keeping you safe. She has a degree in kinesiology and safety proper form is very important to her. I have experienced many injuries at the gym and taking classes. I have never been injured with Ashley. She is professional, prompt, and pleasant to work with. She customizes training plans to meet your needs and I love starting out my mornings with her. You won’t find a better trainer, ever.

Crystal Dyrcz

Rediscover your strength, energy and vitality

The beginning to a better you

Studio Fit 50+ has the functional exercise equipment and cardio equipment that is just right for you! Kinesiologist and ACE certified Personal Trainer/Owner of Studio Fit 50+, Ashley Stilwell, will get you started the right way with the proper fitness assessment test and discussion of your health goals that will help you achieve years of healthy, active aging!

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“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”